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A retrospective of Vadim Kostrov’s films at FICUNAM

In 2021, the world met Vadim Kostrov, a barely 23-year-old Russian filmmaker who presented one film after another in a matter of months, earning media acclaim. Although his compact filmography of nine feature films and several short films varies in texture and tone, style and content, it can be seen as a whole as a planet of communicating vessels. The International Film Festival, in its twelfth edition, is pleased to dedicate FOCUS to a new director to celebrate a stimulating and fast-paced work, with an unbiased look at the passage of time, the challenges and entertainment of today's youth. 

Vadim Kostrov is a film director, born in 1998 in Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region, Russia. In 2016, he moved to Moscow, and in 2017 he entered the drama department of the legendary Moscow National Film Institute (VGIK), where he shot his first short documentary, Silent Night, exclusively on iPhone. 

In 2018, he left VGIK and made his first feature film Loft Underground, a story on videocassette about the Moscow underground art culture through the prism of squat art from the 1980s to 1990s, which entered the top of the hit parades. 

Regularly visiting the Urals, Vadim created the documentaries "Summer", "Winter" and the trilogy "People", consisting of "People", "After the People" and "Comets", which premiered in the "Heartbeat" section of the 19th issue " Doclisboa". "Summer" received a Special Jury Mention at the Sheffield Doc/Fest 2021 and was screened at the competition in Valdivia. Kostrov's previous work Orpheus premiered at the 32nd FID Marseille (2021). He is currently working on the final parts of the tetralogy of the seasons "Autumn" and «Spring". 

Vadim's interests lie between fiction and documentary exploration of memories and nostalgia, music as an existential anchor and the relationship between light, time, camera and nature.

Underground Penthouse / Лофт-Андерграунд (Россия, 2019, 121 мин) 
Narodnaya / Народная (Россия, 2019, 109 мин.) 
Орфей / Orpheus (Россия, 2020, 116 мин) 
Лето / Лето (Россия, 2021, 109 мин) 
После Народной / After Narodnaya (Россия, 2021, 108 мин) 
Комета / Comet (Россия, 2021, 122 мин) 
Зима / Winter (Россия, 2021, 91 мин)