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An article "In the Year of Six Kostrovs" (Christopher Small) in "Cinema Scope"

The long-awaited 89th issue of Cinema Scope magazine is out with an article by Christopher Small about Vadim Kostrov Film critic Christopher Small called the article "In a Year of Six Kostrovs", emphasizing the incredible productivity of the director. 
«Kostrov will continue to make movies forever, moving outward in ever-widening concentric circles like air particles shuddering after the strings of a guitar are strummed, or rings expanding outwards after a stone is tossed into still water (…) We see so many people doing just that in Kostrov movies: strumming, noodling on a piano, bobbing along as another person plays music, creating a space through an erratic, overpowering style of performance. This is what Kostrov too is driven by: a mad quest in search of a melody that exists beyond the limits of individual works. His is the kind of odyssey that takes a lifetime».

Odyssey is one of the most appropriate words to describe Kostrov's work: movement in breadth, the desire to cover as many communities, seasons, spaces, styles, etc. as possible, like Odysseus' journey to different lands in search of his own. We invite you to read the article in full: