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Genrikh Ignatov and Vadim Kostrov in the list of the best films for 2023. Young Film Critics Award "Voice"

From the official letter from the Prize curators:
“Why are we refusing to hold a vote this year? There is a formal reason: “White Elephant” has found the strength to hold its award now, and the list of its nominees raises virtually no questions among the “Voice” curators. It is at least representative. But there is a more fundamental reason: today we simply do not see any reason for this. Over the past year, the already not very friendly film critical environment has become extremely atomized, the authors have gone to their own corners, and even disputes are taking place exclusively with the next wall. There is also no great need to highlight “young” voices: now many aspiring authors already have their own platforms, small media, telegram channels, and even printed samizdats. Why do the voices that someone hears have their own separate “Voice” - that’s a rhetorical question.”
“How to save a dead friend” by Marusya Syroechkovskaya (19 votes)

“Express” by Ruslan Bratov (13 voices)

“Tip-off” by Vyacheslav Fedorov (12 voices)

“Nika” by Vasilisa Kuzmina (11 votes)

“Products 24” by Mikhail Borodin (10 votes)

“Your room, top” by Daria Likhaya (10 voices)

“Where are we going” by Ruslan Fedotov (9 voices)

“Exit” by Evgenia Arbugaeva and Maxim Arbugaev (9 votes)

“Autumn” by Vadim Kostrov (8 voices)

“Amur Golgotha” by Yulia Sergina / “A Tale for Old People” by Roman Mikhailov and Fyodor Lavrov / “1703” by Sergei Sentsov / “Coin of the Country of Malawi” by Alexey Fedorchenko / “Illegal” by Dmitry Davydov / “A Knife in Your Heart” by Genrikh Ignatov / “Nearby” Tamara Dondurei (7 votes)

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