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Dmitry Volchek about FID Marseille and "Autumn" for "Radio Freedom"

Dmitry Volchek wrote an article for Radio Liberty about films shown at the FIDMarseille festival, including Vadim Kostrov's «Autumn". 

«There are almost no Russian films at film festivals during the war months, and every exception to this rule is noticeable. The program of the Marseille festival included only one film made in Russia - "Autumn". Director Vadim Kostrov is 23 years old, but his filmography is impressive - 10 fiction and documentary films, the premieres of which took place in Lisbon, Sheffield, Khanty-Mansiysk. Marseille Festival invites the director for the second year in a row. Vadim despises the commercial rules of the film community, has never applied for grants from the Ministry of Culture, shoots and edits himself. The main character of Kostrov's paintings can be called his hometown of Nizhny Tagil, where he shot documentaries about the haven of nonconformal youth, and three parts of the tetralogy about the seasons, which has not yet been completed. There is no "Spring" yet, "Summer" and "Winter" are followed by "Autumn". The ten-year-old actor Vova Karetin, at the behest of Vadim Kostrov, wanders along the routes of his childhood and eventually climbs onto a decorative tank - cars that bring death to Ukraine are produced in Nizhny Tagil. "Autumn gives the ten-year-old Vadim its last kisses of the sun, the last embraces of God before the onset of fuss," the director writes». 

The article also contains an interview with Vadim, who talks about his tetralogy, about how he makes films, about his teachers.