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Mal De Mer Films.
The plot will be presented by a musical and poetic journey into the world of baroque aesthetics of the Ensemble of Soloists of Catherine the Great and their guest Catherine, together with the main character, the 18th century composer Francesco Araya: who arrived in Russia at the invitation of Anna Ioannovna.
The main character of the events, Francesco Araya, created the first opera in Russian - Cephalus and Procris. The film features six arias from the operas "The Power of Love and Hate", "Seleucus", "The Feigned Ninus, or the Recognized Semiramis", "Cephalus and Procris".
A cinematic laboratory of a poet and composer, which introduces a wide audience to the imagery of Baroque thought in its fusion with Russian poetic thought. The events of the series convey the feelings of a confused soul of the 21st century, her fateful meeting with Galan
1 hour 20 min, Russia